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Since the beginning, we dedicate ourselves to extensive marketing.

Besides continuously and effectively using the online and offline advertisement spots, we maintain good relationship with members of the media, thus securing custom and targeted appearance for our products in the main video game magazines and websites.

We also help sales in our partners’ stores with well-aimed trade marketing, organize large-scale events for our most expected titles, and take part in the most important events of the gamer world.

Beside the traditional marketing campaign elements, we often use tools of guerrilla marketing. 

Some examples without being exhaustive:

Six episode serie about the French Revolution on TV channels and website of RTL group, made from Assassin's Creed Unity trailers.




Watch Dogs - You are being watched!

In this campaign our aim was to draw attention on the personality rights concerns of the face recognition street cameras.

Assassin's Creed Black Flag - Disabled parking

The misuse of disabled parking spaces is a big problem in Budapest. Edward is warning trespasser drivers.

Assassin’s Creed III - Connor saved me!

Connor is helping drivers in trouble.